You can now scan docs with Dropbox on Android

Dropbox for Android has finally received the doc scanner feature, which amgives its users opportunity to scan their printed or handwritten documents right from within the app. iOS received this feature a long time ago, Android users will finally be able to make use of the feature, which can serve to save time as well as provide convenience.

Users can crop or rotate their scans to capture exactly the right image, and even scan multiple pages into a single PDF. In addition to these standard features, Dropbox Business teams have the added benefit of searching for keywords inside their scans," Alexander Embiricos, product manager at Dropbox, said in a blog post.

Notably, users of Dropbox Business will get the added benefit of searching for keywords inside their scans, thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) technology, as pointed out by VentureBeat.

Apart from adding the scanner feature to Dropbox for Android, Embiricos also announced that the company has added an offline mode to its Dropbox Paper app on both Android and iOS. "Even if you lose your Internet connection, you can continue to create new docs, or access, edit, and comment on your favourite and recent docs. And once you're back online, your changes get synced so you have a smooth, seamless experience when you're working on the go," he said.

Notably, with the update, Dropbox Paper now supports up to 20 languages on both mobile platforms.