Payporte announces suspension of Payment on Delivery

Following the recent calls for the abolishment of Payment on Delivery (PoD), because of the insecurities like robbing and killing of delivery agents, Payporte has taken the first leap as the first Nigerian online shopping store to announce the suspension of Payment on delivery service.

The company has placed an header on their website which clearly announces the suspension of the pay on delivery payment model.

The company promises 48 hours returns on deposited funds in the event of any arising liability.

Before now, the company had previously announced that it  would be done with this payment method by end of December 2016 but it’s quite surprising that it has taken several months after to effect it. It is probably the unfortunate incident involving the death of a Jumia delivery man, Mr. Chukwuma Eleje, that initiated the company to finally take this decision.

I think this is a wise decision the company has taken. At least until the insecurities of PoD can be settled.


  1. I love this development. Nigerians abuse every little opportunity. supports it


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