You Can Now Send And Receive Money in Gmail on Android

google wallet
Google Wallet was integrated into Gmail on the web since 2013, but now here is the latest update from Google wallet. Google has rolled out a new integration on mobile, which allows users of the Gmail app on Android to be able to send or request money with anyone, including those who don’t have a Gmail address, with just a tap.

Google explains in its announcement that this feature has been designed to make exchanging money as easy as attaching a file. To access the new feature, you tap the attachment icon (the paperclip), then choose either send or request money, depending on your needs. A pop-up window appears where you can input the amount and add a note, and send.

The entire process takes place in the Gmail app — you don’t have to have Google Wallet installed. In addition, recipients can configure it so the money they receive through Gmail goes directly into their bank account and the  best part if it is, there are no fees involved.

google wallet
The goal, seemingly, is to take on quick payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash, by offering a feature to move money right within Gmail’s app. This could be useful for those times where the money is already a topic of an email conversation — like when you’re planning a trip with friends, or getting the family to go in together on a gift for your parents, for example.

This feature is not yet available to users in Nigeria. Let us know what your take is on this update.