How To Use Your Phone As a HotSpot

Internet is the backbone of our fast-paced world, the connectivity to our work and family.
Reliance of humans on the Internet cannot be overemphasized. But what happens when you
are away from that reliable WiFi at home or work?

There's nothing worse than working on the go or trying to access free WiFi and realizing that it is password protected.

If you have a smartphone preferably an Infinix Smartphone then it's possible to turn your
phone into a portable WiFi hotspot using your device's 3G or LTE connection to access the
web, a process called 'tethering'. There is also the latest 4G network option in the case of
Infinix Note 3,Zero 3,Hot 4 Pro and Zero 4 that makes browsing faster.

It's worth remembering to check your network's terms and conditions on tethering and hotspot and keep an eye on your data allowance as it determines your web activities. It is also easy to hit mobile data cap a lot quicker than you think, and trust Nigerian network providers, they might forget to send you a reminder or warning. Exceeding your data limit may result in an unwanted charge (Take Note).

Below are four easy steps on how to set up your phone’s HotSpot.

Step one

From the Home Screen, select the Settings menu. It should look something like this. Tap More...

Step two

Select Wireless & Networks and then Tethering & portable hotspot.

Step three

Tick the box next to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step four

Tap Portable WiFi hotspot settings and you can edit the WiFi network name, and choose a password.

Now on your laptop or any other device select your phone’s network from the list of WiFi connections available.

Step five

Click connect and then you'll need to enter the password for the WiFi hotspot. Once connected, you'll be able to surf the web using the phone’s 3G or 4G connection.