Has Phablet Replaced Tablet?

infinix phablet
While many argue that there will always be a place for a bigger screen, a more powerful processor, and a physical keyboard…there’s no denying that people spend a tone of time on their smartphones. Will you buy another tablet or laptop? Or, can your phablet meet your technology needs?

You might think that your laptop is your pride and joy, and that your phablet could never, ever replace it, but is that really true? Let’s take a look at ways your Infinix phablet (Infinix Note 3) has already replaced your tablet as your go to Internet/email/work/everything device.

It has 128GB of storage
Infinix smartphones have internal storage spaces that are expandable to 128GB. Why bother with a tablet when you can store everything on your phone? (And if not on your phone, in the cloud?)

It has a giant screen
As laptop screens gets smaller, Infinix smartphone screens are getting bigger, the new Infinix Phablet-- Note 3 is a case in point, with a 6” screen size. With such an amazing size, tablets becomes too cumbersome and almost irrelevant.

It can connect to a Bluetooth
The lack of a physical keyboard argument is probably the best argument as to phablets can’t really replace tablets. But there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards that work with smartphones, the Infinix phablet supports the OTG feature, this makes it easier for you to use your phone as a PC.

All the cool games are mobile
When last did you play a game on your tablet? Not too recent? Here is why, most of the best and interesting games are on your Infinix phablet, this is another good reason to ditch your tablet for a phablet.

It’s always connected
You know the drill, pull out your tablet/laptop, and immediately start searching for free Wi-Fi. Your phablet, on the other hand, is always connected to the Internet. Sure, there’s a data limit, but better to have a data limit than no Internet at all right?

It’s with you all the time
You may not think that your Infinix phablet has replaced your tablet, but when you need to fire off a quick email or check Google to prove you’re right in an argument, do you pull out your tablet or laptop?? I don’t think so.  With smartphones like Infinix Phablet, you may soon be saying goodbye to your tablet.