Do More Now With The Infinix Xband

infinix xband
Smartphones are gadgets everyone can’t do without however In order to explore and maximise smartphone usage it is always best to pair them up with accessories. One of the best accessories to do this with is the smart-watch, smart-watches have functionalities beyond the regular accessory and they work hand in hand with the smartphone.
Here are 5 things you did not think you could do with your smartphone that the Infinix Xband ‘Smartwatch’ allows you to do;

1. Track fitness: The Smartwatch & Infinix Xband when paired with your smartphone allows users to set and monitor fitness goals. You can monitor your pedometer (steps taken, distanced covered). You can also check weight gained/lost, calories burnt etc.

2. Receive Calls: Too busy to pick your calls from your phone? The Xband, allows you to worry less about missing those important calls on the Go. With a touch of a button on your Smart-watch and the Bluetooth headset you receive your calls with ease.

3. Listen to non-stop music: Don’t be separated from your playlist, enjoy music on the go with the Xband and your smartphone. The Xband headset fits perfectly to your ear and allows you to listen to music even while you are few meters away from your phone.

4. Share on Social Media: The Xband when paired with the smartphone allows users to share fitness goals with friends and followers on different social media platforms. You can also create a group on social media and network while motivating one another to achieve your fitness goal.

5. Set Alarm: The combination of both gadgets allows users to receive reminders such as alarms for exercise.

Life is fun, why add stress to it? Live a stress free life and enjoy these advantages and more when you get the Infinix Xband.