How Can You Conserve Your Phone's Battery?

conserve Android battery
The days when phones could survive for a week on a single charge are dead and gone in this era of increasing technology. Sure, the phones of yesterday could last what seems like eons between charges, but they also could do little more than make phone calls. With the growth of technology, companies like Infinix now manufacture phones that are modern marvels, pocket-size computers that allow us to play 3D games, snap photos with the touch of a finger, video chat with friends and navigate around the world without ever stopping to ask for directions.

Unfortunately, the battery duration on most smartphones has yet to catch up with the high battery consumption that has become a hallmark of most apps and features in the modern world. Whenever you hear suggestions about battery usage, you are most likely to get the following tips.

=> Turn Off Vibrations.
=> Dim the Screen.
=> Shorten Screen Timeout.
=> Switching Off When Inactive.
=> Close Unnecessary Apps.
=> Disable GPS.
=> No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When not in Use.

How would one enjoy the beauty of a smartphone if we have to do all the above?
Here is my guide on how to make your phone battery last longer so you can stretch and extend the time span between charges. Get an Infinix phone. Why? Here is why, all latest Infinix mobile phones come with the latest user interface called XOS, this is an upgrade from the previous XUI. All Infinix phones comes equipped with a special feature called the ultra-power saver. This allows you to use your phone for hours even after it gets to that red warning sign. The XOS also supports 3 finger screenshot and fast charger, with a 5 mins charge you can enjoy 200mins of talk time with an Infinix Note 3. Go on and enjoy your smartphone without worry, the XOS power saving feature always saves the day.