Convert Your Personal Instagram Account To A Business Profile

Instagram Business Profile
Instagram recently, are bringing new features to make the app worth using and benefit its user. They have also rolled out business profiles for eligible accounts to switch to a business profile depending on their reasons for using this social network. So if you are blogger, webmaster or a business organization switching to the Instagram business profile will be advisable as this feature comes with some benefits.
Instagram Business Profile
How an Instagram Business Profile Looks Like
Switching to a business profile on instagram gives the user some benefits which the personal profile doesn't offer. Some of which are stated below.

1. Get Found Easily: 

Instagram Business Profile
The Instagram business profile allows your followers to engage with you easily within your business profile. After switching to a business profile, a contact button will appear in your profile and once a user clicks that button, they have an option to contact you via email, phone call or find your business location on a map as shown in the image below.

2. View Insights:

Instagram Business Profile
Switching to a business profile also gives you an analytics feature that shows you impressions, reach, websites clicks and followers.
Before you switch from your personal profile to a business profile you have to be eligible to use this feature as this feature is not available to all Instagram accounts yet. To check if you are eligible simply navigate to settings and if you can see "Switch to a business profile" then you are eligible to switch but if you  don't see the switch option then you may have to wait till you are eligible.

Switching To a Business Profile

The below steps will guide you on switching from a personal profile to a business profile.

=> Navigate to setting and click on "switch to a business profile"

=> You will be prompted to login in your Facebook account

=> After successful login you will have to give Instagram rights to access your Facebook info
instagram business profile

=> After that, A list of all Facebook page you admin will be shown to you as seen in the image below, pick your Facebook business page which you will like to link with your Instagram business profile
Instagram Business Profile

=> Next thing you will be prompted to enter your email address, phone number and business address. This option will let any Instagram user reach you easily.
Instagram Business Profile

=> After completion of the above steps click the pass mark located at the top right corner of your screen.
Instagram Business Profile

On completing the above steps you must have successfully switched from a personal profile to a business profile, you can now enjoy the benefits of an Instagram business profile.
If you have switched to a business profile let us know how you feel about this feature by leaving a comment in the comment box.