Remove Pop-ups, Redirect And Other Malware From Your Browser

Recently i noticed I was seeing pop-up ads that won't go away, ads from sources i couldn't recognize, and i had a homepage that i didn't set on my chrome browser, I was also redirected to sites severally which i didn't click willingly. At this point i knew some malware have infected my system so the next thing that came to my mind was how do i fix this issue? If you are also experiencing this, this article will help you solve this problem.

Steps To Removing Malware From Your Browser

1. Remove Unwanted Programs

Remove all computer programs that you don't remember installing as these are the major malware affecting your browser. Below are some of them you should take note of.

  • Delta Search
You can use anti-malware software like CHROME CLEAN TOOL or MALWAREBYTES, which searches your computer for suspicious programs and offers to remove them for you.

2. Reset Your Browser Settings

After successfully removing the unwanted programs from your computer then reset your browser settings.

On completing the above steps you must have successfully gotten rid of all forms of malware disturbing your browser.


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    1. Hello Marx, its really nice to have you here. I hope this tutorial works for you. Pls dont forget to leave us with a feed back after trying it out, and also dont forget to share on your social media so others can benefit.


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