Facebook Messenger Introduces New Feature - Pay Your Friends

Recently, Facebook messenger has been rolling out new features to its users. One of the features recently made available to Facebook messenger users is the polls creation feature which allows users ask their friends questions and get votes to see which answer is the most popular. Amazing feature right?. Now Facebook has rolled out another feature to messenger users called "Pay Your Friends".

Since March 2015, Facebook has been supporting peer-to-peer payments in Messenger. And now it’s introducing a new AI-powered feature in the app that essentially prompts you to pay your friends.

This new feature employs some machine learning to seek words and phrases — such as “IOU” and “You owe me $18” — that may suggest that you need to send money to someone in the conversation. Where applicable, Messenger automatically inserts a payment button in the conversation, which you can tap to quickly settle your due amount.
facebook messenger you owe me

Taking a close look at the screenshot above, it shows a conversation where the other person reminds you that you owe them $18, but the conversation has since been turned into a clickable button where you can make the payment on the spot.

What do you think about this new feature?.