Vlogging: An Untapped Goldmine

In this age, online income is gradually taking over all forms of offline business, and every one wants to put the internet to work for them. Over the years in Nigeria, We've had most people venture into Blogging, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce setup and lots of other online business with the sole aim of making money. It is no news that on the internet there are a thousand and one ways to make money so that is why i am sharing with you today, one of the best but underestimated ways to make money online.

Have you thought of VLOGGING? Yes video blogging. Video blogging is a form of blogging by which information is passed on the internet through videos. It could be tutorials, reviews, comedy & entertainment, sports, gaming and lots more. With vlogging all you need do is sit down in front of camera, make a video, share it with the world, and earn your money its as easy as that.
With social media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc vlogging has been made so much easier that you can share your videos online for free and monetize them.

How to start a video blog

1: Decide what kind of videos you want to share like i stated above, it could be comedy skits, tutorials, reviews etc. There are lots of niche to tap into.

2: Get a camera and shoot your videos. We have smartphones these days which posses quality camera so if you own one i guess you are a step ahead then.

3: Pick a platform you will use to share your videos like Youtube which is one of the best platforms for now all you need do is create a channel and start uploading your videos.

4: Get an internet enabled device to upload and share your videos with the world.

6: Optimize your videos so viewers can easily discover you.

How to make money from your video blog

Google Adsense: With youtube you can monetize videos uploaded on your channel with Adsense. This will let google display ads to people viewing your videos and you earn money from the ads being displayed.

Sponsored Videos: You can shoot videos for brands, Do a review on their product or advertise a particular service for them and share with your viewers and the brand pays you for this. This aspect of monetization is common amongst most video bloggers that write tech reviews and also fashion products.
These are just some of the ways to make money from your video blog as there are lots of ways.


Video blogging in Nigeria is Underestimated, Most of the leading video bloggers we have these days are not Nigerians although we have some Nigerians doing well in the vlog sphere but i still believe we can have more of Nigerians tap into any Niche from video blogging and make the best out of it. You can try video blogging today and put the internet to work for you.