5 Things To know About Infinix Customized User Interface 'XOS Chameleon'

XOS Chameleon
Infinix mobility recently launched the latest version of it’s customized user interface ‘XOS chameleon’ with the launch of Infinix HOT S & HOT 4 in august, the new user interface comes with the latest infinix smartphone Infinix note 3. The XOS UI is unique with all its amazing features to enable infinix smartphone users to optimize their smartphone usage.

How unique is the XOS and what makes it different from its predecessor XUI?

1. Security: The XOS chameleon UI helps to make your phone more secure with multiple unique security measures. They include the privacy protection feature, which limits the access to your smartphone with unrecognized SIM cards. The XOS also comes with Xhide and Freezer feature, which helps you to hide your sensitive applications from preying eyes. The XOS also offers another security feature with the ‘Xmanager’ to lock apps on your infinix smartphone.

2. Speed: The XOS comes with improved lightning and blazing speed that makes navigating through several icons on your phone swift and clear. It also gives room for fast and efficient use of multitasking through your smartphone. 
XOS Speed

3. Fingerprint scanner: The XOS supports fingerprint scanner with the Fingerprint manager on the UI, this feature allows users to set up fingerprint to protect their phone or swipe through pictures and also take selfies with their smartphones. 
XOS Fingerprint

XOS Fingerprint
4. Stylish and efficient: XOS has an effective and efficient means of enhancing and maximizing storage space, battery and data. Users can enjoy the most stylish UI with the Xthemes & Magazine lock feature that allows users to swap phone wallpaper and motivational messages every time they unlock their phone. The Xthemes also comes with the Shuffle app that allows users to change the wallpaper anytime they click on the ‘Shuffle app’. 

5. Three (3) fingers screenshot: The XOS comes with the 3 fingers feature. With this feature, you can make a screenshot by simply swiping 3 fingers across your screen. You no longer have to go through the volume and power button process anymore.
XOS Family

Users can save links, videos, pictures and posts to view later. The UI also other useful features such as Xshare, Xcloud, Xclub, Ultra power & battery saver and more. The Infinix XOS promises to be safe, elegant and superb.
XOS is available on Infinix Note 3, HOT 4, HOT S, Zero 3, Note 2. Update links are available on Infinix Xclub


  1. I love this new XOS user interface...i will be getting the new hot 4 soon.

    Thanks for the update Teckcranked

    1. Hello Jacob, I know you will me make a great choice by getting the hot 4 😀

  2. Woow superb smartphone I love this in future I may upgrade my infinix hot to this ... great

  3. I so much love the added features to the XOS UI! The features gives new features to effected phones (You get my drill)

    I was on Infinix Facebook Page and some users were arguing which smartphone device is better. Tecno vs Infinix.

    Infinix users were having upper hands during the mini fight, but then, a guy dropped bomb comment "Let Your Infinix produce phones with fingerprint scanner sensor."

    But I'm glad there are now in shape.

    Even when I lost my initial comment, I hope I was able to pass a comment.

    Nice write Kaesy.

    1. Hello Emmanuel, I agree the introduction of fingerprint sensor to Infinix phones was a great step to satisfying customer demands. Thanks for dropping by to read


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