Reasons Why Your Blog And Google Adsense Pageviews May Differ


Recently, i got a question on Facebook from one of my blog readers complaining of the discrepancies between his blog pageviews and google adsense pageviews. If you are also experiencing same thing just relax as there is no cause for alarm.

This difference may be caused by some of the factors stated below.

1. Javascript Not Enabled On Your Visitors Browser:

Firs thing you need to know is Google ads are served using javascript codes and most browser don't have javascript enabled on them so anyone accessing your website on such browser will not have Google ads on your blog served to them so there is no how Google adsense will count it as a pageview for you although your blog will count it.

2. Use of Adblocker by Visitors:


Secondly, some of your visitors access your blog with adblockers enabled on their browser. The primary aim of adblocker is to disable ads not to show on a website when accessing it. So when a visitor visits your website with adblocker enabled on his browser your Google ads wont be displayed to such visitor and hence Google adsense won't credit it as a pageview.

3. Spam Visits:

Stats may also differ because adsense filter out many visit that it thinks they are spam.

There are also some other reasons while both stats will differ but this are the 3 major reasons. If you have other ideas you can share with us through your comments.