How To Use IFTTT To Auto Post Your Blog Post To Your Social Media Account

IFTTT is a tool that allows you create simple if this then that actions by creating a recipe. All you need to do is create a recipe then think of an action you want to perform, trigger it and your action is automatically performed. With IFTTT you can set your blog posts to automatically be posted to all your social media account once you publish a new update. I have been using IFTTT for 2 years now and this tool is amazing and beyond expectation.

How To Use IFTTT To Auto Post To Your Social Media Account

1. Sign in to your IFTTT account if you dont have one you can create one HERE

2. After successfully signing in click on create recepie

3. Click on "this"

4. Choose a trigger. This is where you pick the blog you want to post from if its a blogger blog or a wordpress blog.

5. After choosing a trigger then you have to create the trigger. Click on create trigger

6. Click on "that" then choose where you want to auto post to. Either to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
7. Add Ingredients to you recipe. This option allows you to edit how you want the posts you are sharing to appear. You can add post title, post url, post image & other available ingredients which you choose to add.

8. Click on Create action.

Now you have successfully set IFTTT to auto post for you.

Note: To chose to auto post to another social media account you will have to create another recipe.

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