How To Set up a Shop Section On Your Facebook Page

Facebook now allows its users to create an e-commmerce store on their Facebook page. If you follow up with brand like Jumia on Facebook you will notice they have a shop section on their Facebook page.

Jumia Facebook Page
The good news about Facebook shop is that it is available to all Facebook page owners. If you would like to take your products online then Facebook shop is not a bad idea.

How To Get Started With Facebook Page Shop

1: Go to Your Facebook page if you dont have one then you can create one

2: Click the Add Shop Section Link On Your Facebook Page

Clicking the Add Shop Section link brings up a prompt explaining what this section will allow you to do. Click the Add Shop Section button to continue.

3: Choose The Currency You Use

This option allows you pick the currency that will be shown when you add price to items in your shop.

4: Add Products To Your Shop

Now you’re good to go. Your Facebook page shop has been setup. You can now add products to your shop. To do this, click the Add Products button.

  • You must have one image for each product.
  • The image must be a real image of the product, not a graphical representation, illustration, or icon of the product.
  • The description should pertain to the product only and be easily digestible, making use of short sentences and bullet points.
  • The description cannot contain HTML, phone numbers, email addresses, long titles, excessive punctuation, all letters capitalized or in lowercase, book or movie spoilers, or external links.
This feature is another exciting way that Facebook will help grow your businesses. You can try it out today and don't forget to give your feedback.