How To Create An e-Commerce Section On Your Blogger Blog

It is no doubt that the major problem faced by bloggers using blogspot platform is the inability for them to perform most of the actions people on wordpress can perform with the use of plugins. If you are going to even perform some of such actions on blogspot you need implement some codes. I recently installed an e-commerce section on my blogger blog and my customers get to pay directly into my paypal account. In this tutorial, i will be teaching you how to install an e-commerce section to your blogspot blog. and get payments directly to your paypal account.

Requirements: Paypal account & Email account


=> Go to and sign up

=> After signing up your dashboard should look exactly like the above image. This is where you will be managing your products from.

=> Click on Create New

=> A pop up box should appear with many options, choose e-commerce.

=> Now edit your shop by adding your products.

=> When adding your products you would be told to input your paypal email so you an directly receive payments to your paypal account.

=> After adding your products you are now to integrate it into your blog. Don't worry this is very easy.

=> You will be provided with an html code after creating your shop. It is this html code you will be adding to your blog.

=> Go to your blogger blog and create a new page. You can name it "Shop" or pick any other suitable name.

=> Now navigate away from the compose part and pick html and paste the html code you were provided with after creating your shop then click publish and you are good to go.

After performing the above steps you must have successfully integrated an e-commerce section to your blog. You can also add the html code to you sidebar using the html/javascript gadget option.

I hope this tutorial helps you successfully integrate a shop to your blogspot blog. Don't forget to share your feedback using the comment section. Also share this tutorial with your friends because sharing is caring.


  1. Nice tut man, keep it up. Just that can't receive paypal payment here in Nigeria.

    1. Hello sir. You are correct. I receive payments with a USA PayPal account.

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