How to Get a Payoneer MasterCard for Free

Recently, i applied for a Payoneer mastercard and after 3weeks i got it delivered directly to my house. I made up this post because I know some of us are new to what I’m about to share and some already know about it.
Payoneer is a universal credit card for paying and buying online.
Payoneer is free of charge for anyone who wants it. You can use this card to withdraw your PayPal fund via any ATM anywhere in the world; and pay for any kind of goods online. It is better and faster than any card your local bank gives to you.
The good news is that it is free and you don’t need to pay a dime for it to be delivered to your doorsteep within a space time of 3weeks.

What is Their Requirement?
==>A valid copy of your ID card like international passport/Driver's License

Who Needs This Payooner Master Card?
Everyone needs this Payooner MasterCard because you may need to shop abroad and with your payoneer MasterCard shopping abroad is made possible without any payment problems.

How do I get my Payoneer MasterCard?
Sign up with them here, input all your details correctly and have your card delivered to your doorstep for free within 3weeks. 


  1. i've learnt a great deal about the card and will order for it when i have a PC.
    Do you have a paypal account bro?

  2. but Nigerians can only use it to make payment and not receive?

    1. Hello, Tunde sanusi Nigerians can receive payment with it.


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