Cellebrite Suspected To Be The Company Behind iPhone Crack

After last year's shooting at San Bernardino, California, the United states F.B.I worked with the Isreal's Cellebrite mobile synchronization Ltd. to crack the apple iphone used by the shooter.

The United states Justice Department said on tuesday that it gained access to the data on the shooters phone after being approached by a third party about a possible way to gain access into the phone's data. Apple refused to comply with the court order to unlock the phone, reasons being it was an unreasonable demand on the company and will be a security threat to the privacy of other iPhone users.

Cellebrite has been working with the United states F.B.I even before this project, some people said, who asked that their identities should not be disclosed. The successful cracking of the iphone has put a pause to the government's legal battle with Apple for now.
Cellebrite declined to comment. Cellebrite involvement with the the FBI on this issue was first reported by Yedioth Ahronoth, an Isreali daily and the U.S law enforcement officials have declined to disclose who helped it gain access into the iphone.