Book a Cab Online Now In Benin City

Max Cab A New Taxi Cab Web Application Recently Launched in Benin City.

You can now book a taxi cab in Benin City that will pick you up from your current location to your desired destination from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room using your desktop or mobile device. You will agree with me that except you have your personal car or driver, getting around in Benin City can be very difficult and frustrating . It is not as if there are no enough taxis or cabs in the city, but there is always a communication gap between taxi cab drivers and passengers who need a cab. 

While most taxi drivers spend a greater part of the day sitting idle waiting or looking for passengers, there are passengers in other locations who are badly in need of a taxi to pick them up. 
Maxcab decides to bridge these gap by providing a taxi booking application that connects taxi/cab drivers  and passengers, thus creating efficiency in the transportation industry, providing more jobs for taxi drivers, ease the way passengers book taxis and eliminate unneccesary delay.

The service which  is currently  running in Benin City, Nigeria is gradually gainning traction and hope to roll out to other cities in the coming months. If you are in Benin City or you are visiting Benin City, please try out the service at

The good thing about Maxcab is that cab you can register as a driver too. 

So why not stop stressing yourself to get a cab when Maxcab is here to make life easier.


  1. Thats great. But it tried to open the link here and its not working?

    1. It could be a problem with your network sir. It's working from my end here.


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