Why I Think The Innjoo Halo Is A Sub-Standard Product

Recently i purchased two smartphones for review on my blog, a Gionee P5W and an Innjoo Halo. One of this phones which is the Gionee P5W got my heart but the other which is the Innjoo was not what i expected it to be and from my point of view it defied its specifications.

First thing i noticed was the look of the phone when i put it on, the graphics looked dull and blurred.
I plugged this phone to charge up and for 30minutes this phone just had an added 2% to the battery life. This phone took me about 5hours for a full charge and using the phone while charging is a big no because it discharges instead of charging. The battery life is very short. On asking another blogger who also got this phone for a review he said he wasn't satisfied with the battery performance.

Another issue i had with this phone was the camera, it was supposed to be a 5.0mp camera at the back and a 3.0mp camery at the front but the 5.0mp of my innjoo halo couldn't be compared to that of my Gionee P5W. From pictures i took with it, it looked more like i took the pictures from a 2.0mp back camera. The quality of the pictures was below expectation and the camera looked dark. The flashlight is also poor.
Image taken from my gionee P5W 5mp camera

Image taken from my Innjoo halo 5mp camera

The above reasons are while i feel this product is substandard. Despite that this phone is cheap i think it is sub-standard because it defies its specifications.


  1. Can you post the pictures u took with both devices?

  2. Replies
    1. Looking at the photos, I now agree with you.

    2. The difference is very clear. But I still wonder why this product is substandard compared to the new innjoo products


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